Boston Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor
A 10 Point Program

  1. Equal pay for equal work at the appropriate academic rank.

  2. Full medical, dental, and retirement benefits for those teaching two courses or more per term. Pro-rated benefits for those teaching fewer. Tuition remission for family members.

  3. Job security. No one should be dismissed from her or his job without just cause and due process.

  4. Adequate office space and facilities.

  5. Full participation in department and college or university governance.

  6. Opportunity for professional development, including financial support for research and creative work.

  7. Promotion of part-time faculty to full-time positions.

  8. Narrowing salary disparities within the faculty.

  9. Full protection of free speech rights and all other forms of academic freedom.

  10. Recognition and respect as vital members of the academic community.

This document was borrowed from the Campus Equity Week site.
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