Internet & Email Resources Related to Part-Time/Adjunct/Contingent Faculty Employment Concerns

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(COPTEC) website (website accessible to TESOL members only)
COPTEC offers a TESOL-sponsored email discussion list for Caucus members. It also has a non-TESOL email discussion list which is open to people who are active on employment issues but who may not be (a) in ESL, and/or (b) members of the Caucus.
Contact Karen Stanley for more information. 

Official Statements or Reports on Part-Time Faculty Employment 

TESOL Position Paper on Equitable Treatment for Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Faculty (March 2003) (scroll down on the page below for a link to the PDF)

TESOL Member Resolution in Support of Campus Equity Week (CEW) and Conference on Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL), 2002- 

Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) - Policy Statement on Fairness for Contract Academic Staff

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT)  

Reviewing Institutional Accreditation and Standards Regarding Contingent Academic Faculty (2004)

Standards of Good Practice in the Employment of Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty (2002)

Resolutions on Opposing the Abuse of Non-permanent Temporary and Part-time Employees in K-12 School Districts and Higher Education (2000)

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) site has a number of different official statements:

AAUP Policy Statement:  Contingent Appointments and the Academic Profession (November 2003)
 Statement on Part-time & Non-Tenure Track Faculty:
Statement on Graduate Students:
 Collective Bargaining

Links to Contingent Faculty resources and articles:

National (US) Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) 

On Affirming Labor Equity for Adjunct Teachers and Graduate Employees, 1997

Modern Language Association (MLA) Committee on Professional Employment report -- This is more about higher ed employment conditions in general, but one main section addresses the job crisis, and focuses on part-time issues (2003) - 

Coalition on the Academic Workforce -- 

Standards for Employment of Part-Time Faculty:  Draft Recommendations (2002)

the Coalition's report on part-time instructors is based on "hard data" rather than being anecdotal in nature.  (1999): 

Organization of American Historians Statement from the Conference on the Growing Use of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty (joint statement with other academic organizations)

Campus Equity Week (North America) website 
page of useful related links off this website -

Discussion, Information or Articles About Employment Issues: 

COPTEC email list -- See top of the handout for contact information for this email list. 

"TESOL 2003: Hearing the Voices of Contingent Faculty," article by Karen Stanley et al, in June/July/Aug 2003 TESOL Matters - available to TESOL members only 

"On the Status of Adjunct Teachers Around the World," article with information on the status of adjunct or similar types of ESL positions in different countries (introduced and compiled by Karen Stanley) in TESL-EJ 

Japanese Association of Languages Teachers, Professional Issues SIG - PALE now has a discussion mailing list so that people can be updated and contribute in real time. To subscribe or read message archives, visit, or email

"Casualisation of the ESL workforce in Australia" by Santina Bertone (ACTA Background Paper #5) -

 "Legislation Around the Country (= U.S.)", an article with information presented primarily at the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) Higher Education Conference on 15 April 2002 

"Part-Time Instructors Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work," Jack Longmate & Frank Cosco, Chronicle of Higher Education, 3 May 2002 

WAESOL SPICY Socio-Political Concerns/Part-Time Issues website -- This especially has a lot of information on work through legislation to try to improve PT working conditions, and useful links to other related sites -

English Foreign Language Teachers' Union Forum -

"AFT's Campus Equity Week Highlights Growth of Academic Sweatshops," October 2004

List of Teachers' Unions in Europe -

"Using the Internet for contingent faculty organizing," John Hess, article in Jump Cut (2003) includes useful links. 

"My experience with part-time advocacy" by Len Fox, in TESOL Matters (Dec. 1998 - Jan. 1999 issue) 

'Who Is Teaching In U.S. College Classrooms? A Collaborative Study of Undergraduate Faculty," Fall 1999 American Historical Society website, 

TESLJB-L -- an email discussion group with job postings, discussion of job & living conditions in various parts of the world, posts on professional advancement issues & methods , and discussion of ESL employment issues. You need to first join TESL-L (a classroom pedagogy email list -- if you're not interested in receiving this email you can set the main list to nomail and just receive the JB-L postings) by sending an email message to, nothing in the subject line, and in the body of the message:
subscribe TESL-L yourfirstname yourlastname
You will then receive a Welcome Message that gives you information about the main list and all the branches, of which TESLJB-L is one. 

ADJ-L: a CUNY list which focuses on adjunct issues;  To subscribe, send a blank email to with no subject line and only "SUBSCRIBE ADJ-L firstname lastname <email address>" in the body of the message

"Part-Time Faculty in Higher Education: A Selected Annotated Bibliography," by Robert Pankin & Carla Weiss

ERIC Digest articles: 

"Part-time Faculty: Higher Education at a Crossroads". (Judith Gappa) (ERIC Digest 84-4) ED284513 (1984)
"Advantages and Disadvantages of Employing Part-Time Faculty in Community Colleges" (Grace Banachowski) 1997

"At Emerson, Part-time Faculty Leads Fight", Feb 2, 2003, by Jenna Russell in the Boston Globe 

"Statement of Policy on Contingent Faculty Appointments and the Academic Profession", Sept 2003

Workplace: The Journal for Academic Labor - has many useful articles on a variety of efforts 

The American Federation of Teachers has related articles 

"The Vanishing Professor" - discusses the replacement of full-time tenure-track faculty by a growing number of exploited part-time and non-tenure-track instructors, followed by articles on why it matters and what can be done about it

 "Marching Toward Equity, Curbing the Overuse of Part-Time and Non-Tenured Faculty" (2001)

"Can faculty unions use collective bargaining and the threat of strikes to limit the hiring of lecturers and to create more full-time faculty slots?" transcript of on-line discussion on Sept 21, 2000 with Mary A Burgan (AAUP)

 "Part-Time Labor and a Profession in Crisis," by David H. Slavin, from Radical Historians Newsletter No. 83, December 2000

"Penny Wise and Pound Foolish? The Financial Implications of Adjunct Faculty," research paper (1998) by Dennis Bricault,

"Second-class careerists? The long halls of ivy: Adjunct professors," by Bill Delaney CNN Bureau Chief, Jan 11, 2001 - 

National Adjunct Faculty Guild -- This has an discussion board on pay and employment, but the discussion is pretty quiet most of the time. 

Archived articles from the Adjunct Advocate are available (free registration required) on the website 

The Job Discussion Forum at Dave's ESL Cafe (seems to be more related to getting jobs, particularly jobs outside the US)

Santa Monica Faculty Association article. "4 C'S Focuses On Part-time Concerns"

"Part-time Employment Hurts the Entire Profession," by Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Organization of American Historians 

"The Benefits Gap: Why Part-timers are Losing Out in Today's Economy," American Teacher, Feb 2000 

Websites of organizations with stated concern over part-time/adjunct/contingent labor/casualisation issues: 

Caucus on Part-Time Employment Concerns (COPTEC) (Available to TESOL members only)-

 NATFHE (a UK organization) - 

Australian Council of TESOL Associations - 

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL) 

COCAL Chicago -  and 

AAUP explanation -

Boston 10-point program (on Chicago COCAL website)

COCAL California - 

English Foreign Language Teachers United -

American Association of University Professors (AAUP) - 

City Colleges Contingent Labor Organizing Committee (Chicago) - 

The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges - 

California Part-time Faculty Association - 

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) - 

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) (a US organization) - 

Illinois State Nontenure-Track Faculty Association - 

Madison Area Technical College (Wisconsin, USA) Part-time Teachers' Union -

 North American Alliance for Fair Employment (supports CEW) - 

Part-Time and Hourly Labor, City University of New York -

 United Academic Adjuncts (Alaska) - 

Contract Faculty Association (Columbus, Ohio) - a page of useful links - 

Legal websites (especially for law that is not written in English) - in particular, for Korean law - Chinese immigration law in English - guide for foreign experts working in China - working in Italy - employment regulations n France

A few job search sites/lists: 

Tom Riedmiller's Internet Job Search for ESL includes links to other sites 

The Job Center at Dave's (Dave Sperling) ESL Cafe 

TESLJB-L (an email list -- see above for instructions for joining) O'Hayo Sensei (for jobs in Japan) 

AAAL Job Openings (for applied linguistics jobs) 

Linguist List - Jobs in Linguistics (also page on linguistics jobs in private sector) 

The Chronicle of Higher Education job webpage - a commercial site; appears well run

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