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July 16, 2004 Associated Press
by Leigh Strope
Board Overturns TAs’ Union Membership
June 28, 2004 News Release
Ohio Fed of Teachers
Adjunct Faculty at University of Cincinnati Request Recognition
June 24, 2004 E-mail Notice
GAs at U of Florida
Graduate Assistants United at University of Florida Recertified
June 17, 2004 AAUP Notice Rutgers TA / Gas agree to tentative contract
June 16, 2004 News Release Lecturers’ Employee Organization Ratify Contract
At University of Michigan
May 29, 2004 Nova Scotia Herald Strike by Dalhousie assistants ends
May 26, 2004 News Release
GSEAC / UAW Ratify Historic First Contract at University of Washington
May 24, 2004 Community College Week
by Patricia Troumpoucis
All Things Not Being Equal: When it comes to teaching,
adjuncts get the short end of the stick ...
May 18, 2004 Chico Enterprise-Record
Roger H. Aylworth
Not a layoff, but lecturer may still be jobless
May 17, 2002 IEA Notice SIUE Non-Tenure Track Faculty to Vote
May 16, 2004 GSEO / UAW Notice Hiatus called at Columbia U
May 13, 2004 Chronicle of Higher Ed.
by Keith Hoeller
Union Matters
May 9, 2004 Boston Globe
by Christopher Shea
The Case of the Invisible Adjunct
May 8, 2004 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
Benefits Outlined For Adjuncts at N.Y.U.
Apr. 30, 2002 Chronicle of Higher Ed.
by Scott Smallwood
Disappearing Act, The invisible adjunct shuts down her
popular Weblog and says goodbye to academe
Apr. 29, 2004 Newsday (L.I. N.Y.)
by Olivia Winslow
A ‘just struggle’ for rights
Teaching assistants rally for better wages and health care, ...
Apr. 29, 2004 Daily Illini
by Molly Stephey
GEO stage picket for quicker negotiations
Apr. 27, 2004 Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
Nahal Toosi
Graduate assistants walk off job (Madison WI)
Strike plan calls for withholding grades at UW-Madison
Apr. 21, 2004 NYU News Release NYU and UAW Local Reach Agreement
Apr. 20, 2004 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
Protest Seeks Union Rights at Columbia
Apr. 17, 2004 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
Pushing for Union, Students at Columbia Are Set to Strike
Apr. 16, 2004 Chronicle of Higher Ed
by Piper Fogg
For These Professors, ‘Practice’ is Perfect
Apr. 10, 2004 Courier News (N.J.)
by Sarah Greenblatt
Rutgers protest offers cake
Apr, 8, 2004 Michigan Daily
by Melissa Benton
GSIs walk out, support LEO
Apr. 5, 2004 The Nation
by Eyal Press
New School, Old Tricks
Mar. 22, 2004 Chronicle of Higher Ed
by Scott Smallwood
Unions for Graduate Students
Advance in California, New York and Washington
Mar. 19, 2004 Chicago Tribune
by Tim Kane
Harper part-time faculty Oks union
Mar. 18, 2004 Daily Herald (Harper part-time faculty voted to unionize)
Northwest Suburbs column
Mar. 17, 2004 Village Voice
by Tom Robbins
Union Wins Election Fair and Square, but Prez Kerrey
Wants a Do-Over: New School’s Labor War
Mar. 3, 2004 The Villager Union claims win for New School Adjuncts
Mar. 3, 2004 Boston Globe
by Marcella Bombardieri
Emerson’s Part-Time Teachers Agree to First Union Contract
Feb. 24, 2004 Christian Science Monitor
by Kimberly Chase
Fewer professors spend a full day on campus
Feb. 27, 2004 Boston Globe
by Steve Bailey, columnist
Union’s Tactics Are a Bust
Jan. 24, 2004 Daily Herald
by Shruti Date Singh
Harper’s part-time faculty may unionize
Jan. 21, 2004 Boston Globe
by Marcella Bombardieri
Emerson Professors Vote No Confidence in President
Sep. 27, 2003 New York Times
by Bruce Lambert
3-Year Deal Ends a Strike By the Faculty At C.W. Post
Sep. 25, 2003 Denver Post
by Dave Curtin
100 Faculty Members at Metro State Rally in Support of Union;
National Labor Leaders on Hand for Gathering
Sep. 14, 2003 Boston Globe
by Nicholas Zamiska
Union Backers March at Yale; 100 Arrested
Sep. 12, 2003 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
Striking L.I.U. Faculty Members Agree to Return to Classrooms
Sep. 3, 2003 New York Times
by Steven Greenhouse
Union Organizers to Air Complaints against Yale
Sep. 3, 2003 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
L.I.U. Faculty Vote to Strike at C.W. Post and Brooklyn
Apr. 5, 2003 State Journal Register (Ill.)
Rich Frederick
State Senate gives UIS faculty approval to form union
Feb. 9, 2003 St. Louis Post Dispatch
by Susan C. Thompson
Though Faculty Reject Strike at SIUC,
Others Still Loom
Feb. 2, 2003 Boston Globe At Emerson, Part-time Faculty Leads Fight 2 Years After
Unionizing, Adjuncts Still Seek Pact
Dec. 18, 2002 Boston Globe UMASS Union Delays Bulger Vote
Dec. 5, 2002 USA Today
by Mary Beth Marklein
Non-tenured instructors feel regulated to second class;
Numbers go up as colleges try to control costs
Nov 21, 2002 St. Louis Post Dispatch
by Robert Kelly
SIUC Faculty Union Votes To Give Leaders Authority To Call
A Strike; A Walkout Could Begin Early Next Semester If ...
Nov. 7, 2002 Boston Globe
by Jenna Russell
UMASS Employees Stage Angry Rally at Board Meeting
Nov. 5, 2002 Christian Science Monitor
by Mark Clayton
Part-time profs try a new bargain;
Union organizing is on the rise among the 49 percent
of college faculty who don’t have full-time status.
Oct 21, 2002 Daily Herald
by Shruti Date Singh
Harper classes back on Settlement reached early Sunday;
Ends 12-day teachers strike
Oct. 16, 2002 Peoria Journal Star
by Matt Buedel
ISU faculty seek vote to form union
Aug. 6, 2002 Boston Globe
Brian McGrory, Columnist
Hypocrisy at UMASS
Aug. 4, 2002 New York Times
by Leslie Berger
The Rise of the Perma-Temp
Aug. 1, 2002 Boston Globe
by Patrick Healy
UMASS To Negotiate Pact With RAs;
Undergrads Will Join Labor Force
July 16, 2002 News Release
New York University Adjuncts Vote to Join UAW
New Union is Largest Adjunct Union in the Country
Jun. 18, 2002 The Guardian, (UK)
by Joel Budd
The road scholar: Fed up with poor status and worse pay;
part-time lecturers in the US are becoming unionized
in order to improve their lot.
May 27, 2002 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
2 Unions Vie to Represent N.Y.U. Adjuncts
Apr. 30, 2002 Chicago Tribune
by David Moberg
Road Scholars: Adjunct profs are like academic serfs,
handling more of the teaching load, getting little in return
Apr. 30, 2002 Boston Globe
by Andrew C. Helman
UMASS Sit-In Ends With 34 Arrests;
Resident Assistants Press Labor Dispute with Administration
Apr. 28, 2002 Bloomington Pantagraph
by Kelly Josephsen
Unionizing can be emotional decision
Apr. 26, 2002 State News
by Ed Ronco
Graduate union, ‘U’ reach agreement on first contract
Mar. 24, 2002 Washington Post
by Arlene Levinson
Across the U.S., Campus Employees Getting Organized;
Wage and Workload Issues Spur Unionization;
Many Universities Fighting Bargaining Efforts
Mar. 11, 2002 St. Louis Post Dispatch
Associated Press
Student Employees Are Joining Unions,
Striking at Universities Across Country
Mar. 9, 2002 New York Times
by Karen W. Arenson
CUNY and Its Staff Members Agree on New Labor Contract
Mar. 6, 2002 Boston Globe
by David Abel
UMASS Dorm Monitors OK Union
Backers Hail Move as Start of US Trend
Mar. 1, 2002 Boston Globe
by David Abel
Harvard Agrees To Boost Pay of Janitors
Feb. 22, 2002 New York Times
by Steven Greenhouse
Advisers’ Union Drive Is Gaining On Campus
Feb. 1, 2002 Boston Globe
by David Abel
Harvard to Hike Its Lowest Wages
Jan. 23, 2002 Boston Globe
Andrew C. Helman and
David Abel
UMASS Ras Face Historic Union Vote
Jan. 4, 2002 USA Today
by Mary Beth Marklein
NYU part-time faculty go to polls on union plan; Vote
could signal ‘re-emergence of labor inside private universities’
Dec. 7, 2001 Chicago Tribune
by LeAnn Spencer
College of DuPage part-time faculty to unionize
Negotiations may begin in spring
Nov. 4, 2001 Houston Chronicle
Associated Press
Part-time educators protest ‘peanut pay /
Colleges called ‘intellectual sweatshops’
Nov. 2, 2001 Houston Chronicle
by L.M. Sixel
Low-paid adjuncts used in a big way
Oct. 30, 2001 Chicago Tribune
by J. Linn Allen
Part-time college teachers rally over equal-pay issue
Faculty activism asked by coalition
Jun. 26, 2001 Chicago Tribune Part-time faculty wins college pact
May 13, 2001 Washington Post
by Leigh Strope
Labor Pains in the Graduate Student Body;
University Assistants Fight for Rights to Unionize
Apr. 18, 2001 Boston Globe
by David Abel
Part-Time Professors OK Union
Nov. 18, 2000 Bloomington Pantagraph Heartland Adjuncts OK pact
Aug. 28, 2000 Chicago Tribune
by Meg McSherry Breslin
Part-time college teachers say unionizing imperils jobs
May 1, 2000 Vital Speeches of the Day
by Sandra Feldman
American Fed. of Teachers
The labor movement
1999 Journal of Professional
by Kenneth H. Charfauros
and William G. Tierney
Part-Time Faculty in Colleges and Universities;
Trends and Challenges in a Turbulent Environment
Dec. 7, 1998 The New Republic
By John N. Hickman
Adjunct U.
Nov. 7, 1997 Chronicle of Higher Ed
by Courtney Leatherman
Do Accreditors Look the Other Way
When Colleges Rely on Part-Timers?

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