To Form a Chicago Chapter of the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor

November 2, 2001
Chicago Campus Equity Week Coalition Conference
Resolution for Plenary Session

Whereas it was the initiative of the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL) at their 4th national conference that sparked the development of Campus Equity Week (CEW) all over the U.S. and Canada and

whereas the work of the Chicago Coalition for Campus Equity Week needs to be continued on a Metro-wide basis, crossing all organizational boundaries and

whereas the unity and solidarity of contingent faculty, whether they be adjuncts, TA’s, full-time non-tenure-track or any other, needs to be fostered and

whereas the model of the Boston chapter of COCAL provides an inspiring and useful example of metro-wide organizing that combines assistance for local campus groups, action on the issues of all contingent faculty metro-wide, alliances with other contingent workers and with other campus workers and their organizations, and a network for organizing and discussion,

Therefore be it resolved that the 2001 Chicago Campus Equity Week Conference hereby establishes Chicago COCAL as a sister chapter to our Boston colleagues and

be it further resolved that an open interim steering committee be formed, made up of all interested contingent and tenure-track faculty volunteers, and union representatives, to further develop the program, principles and structure of the new Chicago COCAL, with a first meeting date set and announced before Conference adjournment.

Submitted by Joe Berry, Chicago and Midwest CEW Contact and rep on the Binational CEW Committee
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