COCAL VI Advice for Travelers to Chicago


Maps of Conference Hotels and Sites, etc.

Traveling to the Conference Sites

Both Roosevelt University and Columbia College are within Chicago's "Loop" and are thus well-served by mass transit. Whether you are flying into O'Hare or Midway, you can take the El to within 2-3 blocks of either campus. If you are taking the train, Union Station is just west of the Chicago River within a mile or so of campus.  Here are key resources from  the Chicago Transit Authority's

From Midway

The Orange line of the CTA Elevated train system terminates at Midway and heads northeast into downtown Chicago.  The closest stop to Roosevelt is the Library stop (on Van Buren between State and Dearborn).  The Orange line goes "clockwise" around the Loop (i.e. west, north, east, south).  If you miss the Library stop, ride around the Loop (named for the El tracks) to the Adams stop (look east from the stop and you'll see the Art Institute).

From O'Hare

The Blue Line of the CTA Elevated train system terminates at O'Hare and heads southeast into downtown Chicago.  Its closest stop to the conference sites is Jackson.  This is a subway stop with many ways to get out.  Follow the signs to Jackson and head east toward State Street.  When you board at O'Hare, you can take either the Congress or Douglas lines of the blue line (they split past downtown, so either one will get you downtown).

Which Airport Should I Go To?

Strictly in terms of distance, Midway is a bit closer and may take you only a half-hour or so on the El, rather than typically 45 minutes or so from O'Hare. 

Shuttle services are somewhere in the $20 range and depending on traffic may be somewhat faster or somewhat slower than the train.  If you're at all comfortable with mass transit, go for that ($1.75).

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