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U.S. Labor Against the War

On January 11, over 100 labor representatives met in Chicago to form this new organization.

Articles on Labor Actions against the War

Other Labor Actions and Resolutions

Appeal from Beverly Stewart, President of RAFO

Sent via e-mail to higher education activists in Chicago

Hi all,

I have been attending meetings with members of the Chicago Labor Against War (CLAW), a committee trying to get the rank and file to get their locals to adopt an anti-war resolution among other things. I think that it would be good to join this effort and initiate discussion about the war at our respective schools, propose similar resolutions, and consider creating a coalition of adjuncts and students not only to pass such a resolution but also to develop other political action strategies.

I am thinking that it would nice to try and encourage other IEA locals to consider doing the same though I think that will be an uphill struggle.

I don't know how to go about getting this effort off the ground. But I know I am writing to an experienced brain trust. Shall we try and set up an organzing committee to figure out these strategies? Joe Berry would you be willing to bring this up at the COCAL meeting on Friday? Also Joe Liacona will you pass this on to John Stevenson.

I think most of you have seen the US LAW resolution. If not let me know and I will send a copy to you. If there are others you can think of who would be good to invite to this please let me know.

Let me know what you all think.

Appeal for Contributions to Run Ad in CPFA News

I've been asked to forward the following message pertaining to a proposed ad to run in CPFA News. CPFA News is published twice yearly by the California Part-time Faculty Association with a circulation of 55,000, distributed free of charge to all faculty in the California community colleges.

- Sandy Baringer, CPFA News editor

The newly formed Contingent Faculty Against the War (CFAW) asks for your donations towards an anti-war ad to appear in the Spring edition of the California Part-Time Faculty Association (CPFA) News. Checks in any amount can be sent by Februrary 12 to Megan Elsea 436 T St. Sacramento, CA 95814. Please indicate if you would like your name and position to appear in the ad. Contact with questions.

Posted to Adjunct Mailing List on January 28, 2003
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