Take Labor Antiwar Organizing
to the Workplace and Union Members

Statement by USLAW - February 28, 2003

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers Opposed to the War on Iraq:

The Bush administration is threatening to launch a war on Iraq by mid-March despite massive domestic and international opposition. U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) is calling on all unions and trade unionists who are opposed to this war to engage in workplace-based anti-war activities on Wednesday, March 12, as a way of heightening awareness among union members to the dangers of this war and mobilizing members to participate in the next national day of protest against the war scheduled for Saturday, March 15. We want to translate the excellent resolutions that unions and Central Labor Councils have adopted into a commitment to take labor's anti-war message into the workplace and enlist the support of the members. Because the possible outbreak of war is so near, we are encouraging unions to commit staff time and resources toward this effort. Worksite anti-war activities on March 12 could include workplace leafleting, the wearing of buttons, distribution of bumper stickers, lunch-time meetings and discussions, and meetings at union halls.

The USLAW web site (www.uslaboragainstwar.org) will carry leaflets that you can download and print for distribution (you should feel free to customize it for your area if you choose to). The web site will also have stickers, bumper stickers and button designs that you can either order from USLAW or download and print yourself. Distribute these widely within your union, particularly to leadership, staff, stewards and activists. To go directly to this page, visit:


Please check the web site often -- all of this activity is developing very quickly in response to the unfolding political situation, and new materials will be posted on the web site daily.

As soon as you have something planned for one or more worksites in your area, please let us know about it by sending an e-mail to info@uslaboragainstwar.org

We are also requesting your help in getting media coverage of this national day of action by labor against the war. Because this war is so controversial, and because your local activity will be part of a national day of action, the local media may very well find it newsworthy. We will soon send out a draft press release that you can customize to suit the particular activity that you plan for your area.

Please send us the contact information you have for your local news media, and don't forget to send us copies of your final press release and any news articles that report on your local actions on March 12. Send as much as you can by e-mail to the USLAW web address. Whatever needs to be snail-mailed should be sent to USLAW c/o Amy Newell 745 Green Valley Road, Watsonville, CA 95076.

U.S. Labor Against the War was founded on Jan. 11 in Chicago at a national conference of unions opposed to a war on Iraq. So far, more than 200 labor bodies representing 5 million workers have adopted resolutions opposing this war and the number grows daily. Internationally, labor federations, unions and union leaders representing 130 million workers around the world have signed on to a USLAW-initiated International Labor Declaration Against the War on Iraq. This call for a national day of labor action against the war on March 12 is an effort to turn resolutions into action. PLEASE JOIN IN!

In Peace & Solidarity -- U.S. Labor Against the War





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