War and the Economy

Dear friend of United for a Fair Economy,

We will premiere UFE's newest workshop, "War and the Economy," in Chicago on:

"War and the Economy" asks: Will a war stimulate the economy? Is military spending really taking money away from social programs? Does militarism increase inequality? The workshop looks at the "Reagan vise" which used military spending and tax cuts to squeeze out social spending, and then asks: What will the "Bush vise" do to us?

The target audience for the workshop is neither anti-war activists nor pro-war enthusiasts, but the large middle ground of Americans who are questioning the Iraq war and other parts of the Administration's agenda.

For more information reply to Mike Prokosch at United for a Fair Economy, mprokosch@faireconomy.org or 617-423-2148.

Hope to see you at one of these workshops!
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