SE1U Local 73 Anti-War Resolution

(Resolution proposed for adoption at the February 2003, general meeting.)

WHEREAS, the goal of our country's foreign policy must be to promote a safer and more just world by seeking peaceful, multilateral solutions for disputes; and

WHEREAS, we fully and actively support our young men and women in the Armed Forces, in peace or in war, at home or overseas. These are our sons and daughters and we honor their commitment to risk their lives when it becomes necessary for our nation's safety and security. The enormous risks of war must be the last option, not the first.

WHEREAS, the United Nations and the vast majority of the countries on earth have voiced strong concern about the United States going to war against Iraq while continuing a separate war on terrorism; and

WHEREAS, U.N. experts are combing Iraq for any evidence of weapons of mass destruction and there is still no conclusive proof that Iraq possesses any of these weapons; and

WHEREAS, almost all the governments and peoples of this world oppose any unilateral war on Iraq that is not sanctioned by the United Nations; and

WHEREAS, 43 million people in the U.S. have no health care insurance, unemployment has risen to about 6%, public services are being slashed because of budget shortfalls, and the federal surplus has turned into a deficit of $157 billion, our nation should be devoting more attention to the economy and to justice here at home rather than a first-strike, unilateral war that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

BE IT RESOLVED that Service Employees International Union Local 73 joins leaders across the world, and U.S. unions representing over 4 million members, in voicing concern about going to war against Iraq unless evidence is shown that the United States is at risk due to weapons of mass destruction; and

BE IT RESOLVED that we call on the Bush administration to suspend its plans for war against Iraq and instead intensively seek a peaceful resolution of our differences within the framework of the United Nations; and

BE IT RESOLVED that if our nation goes to war without any proof of legitimate concerns about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, while it acknowledges that dozens of other countries, such as North Korean, already possess these weapons, we will continue to express our opposition to that war while finding meaningful ways to support our troops; and

BE IT RESOLVED THAT SElU Local 73 will continue an educational discussion within our membership and with other working people on the difference between the "war on terrorism" and an unjustified war against Iraq, including lending our Local's support to meaningful and peaceful educational and protest activities on a local and national scale. We urge our members to make their voices heard through these activities, as well as emails, letters, phone calls and other methods to the White House and the Congress;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a copy of this Resolution be sent to all the members of Congress who represent our members, the members of the Chicago City Council who have unanimously spoken out against this possible war, and the SEN International. SEN Local 73 decides to affiliate with US Labor Against the War, a network of hundreds of trade union bodies recently founded in Chicago to coordinate labor antiwar protests.
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