Unemployment Filing Strategy

Stage 1:  Filing and Interview

Please fill out the information below so that we can track the progress and patterns of the unemployment filing strategy.
Also, please make and keep copies of all the paperwork you submit or receive from IDES and try to take notes after interviews. Copies of forms and notes can be sent (as scanned documents) to data@chicagococal.org or (as hard copies) to Frank Brooks, 4824 S. Dorchester, #2, Chicago, IL 60615.

Contact Information:

First Name:
Last Name:
What is your primary* work place?
* This should be your most recent employer, i.e. the one you listed first on the application form.
To which union (local) do you belong?

Information on the Filing Process:

When did you fill out the application?
Where did you fill it out (at a 'filing party'? At an IDES office?)
What was the date of your interview with IDES?
At which IDES office did you file? If online, enter 'online.'
What was the name of your interviewer?

Narrative Questions:

1. What questions did the interviewer ask? Were you surprised or confused by any?

2. What were your general impressions of the interview? Did the interviewer seem confused? sympathetic? hostile? Did you feel prepared? What would you have done differently?

3. What did the interviewer tell you about follow-up? E.g. when to expect a response, what you need to do

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Primary Work Place
Secondary Work Place
Tertiary Work Place
Date Application Filled Out
Place Application Filled Out
Date of Interview
IDES office
Name of Interviewer
Narrative Question 1
Narrative Question 2
Narrative Question 3

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