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National Campus Equity Week: Call To Action

From October 28 through November 3, 2001, there will be a week of coordinated activities on campuses in the United States and Canada. Campus Equity Week - designed to educate our campus communities, the public and policymakers - will focus attention on issues of fairness and quality of education. Our message: teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions and equal work deserves equal pay.

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Campus Equity Week is a flexible campaign, designed so anyone can take part - whether you're an individual on a campus, a local union or association, or a national group. You don't need a lot of organizing experience or resources, just energy and ideas! More...

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Midwest Contact: Joe Berry | Email: | Phone/ Fax: 312-733-2172 | Address: 1453 W. Flournoy, #3F, Chicago, IL 60607

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