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Campus Equity Week Questionnaire

This fall, a coalition of Higher Education activists sponsored by the Illinois Education Association and the Illinois Federation of Teachers are planning a series of activities during Campus Equity Week in order to expose the overuse and abuse of contingent academic labor on college and university campuses in the Chicago metro area.

As part of our efforts, we are gathering salary data and other information on institutions in the area. We ask that you fill out the survey below. If you can supply information for more than one institution, please fill out this survey form separately for each institution.

Our goal is to develop a Chicago metro-wide comparison of full-time faculty salaries with those of contingent/ part-time academic employees. We also intend to show what percentage of student-generated revenue in the form of tuition and public funding actually goes to the contingent faculty (i.e. average class size times student-generated revenue equals dollars per course divided by instructorÝs salary equals percentage of compensation).

Please be as accurate as possible. Some of the requested data may be available from the following resources: Annual Reports published by the institution, college/university website, department or division report, Chronicle of Higher Education, or the AAUP Chapter on your campus.

Thank you for your cooperation!

In solidarity,

Chicago Campus Equity Week Coalition Steering Committee

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Full-time non-tenure faculty excluding visiting professor
Part-time adjunct faculty/ lecturer
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Adult Education/ Continuing Education
Other Tuition per course: (For public institutions, please give the total
per class paid by the student plus the amount of
public funding per student per class.) Credit hours per course: Average class size: Minimum salary: Maximum salary: What percentage of classes are taught by contingent faculty? Full-time tenure-track MINIMUM annual salary: Full-time tenure-track MAXIMUM annual salary: Do you have access to any reports or documents published by the
college/university that contain any of the above information?

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