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Campus Equity Week: Midwest Events
Tuesday, October 30

UW-Madison, Agricultural Hall-Room 125, 6:30
MATC Local 1600: An Evening with Michael Moore
See Michael Moore speak on the exploitive conditions in Higher Education. Called "the great TV satirist of the 1990's," Michael Moore has emerged as one of America's freshest and funniest political voices. Complementary Tickets will be available for Michael Moore at a Campus Equity Rally held at the State Street Entrance to the Capitol on October 29th at 5pm. There will be important legislation introduced to help solve some of these issues along with a free performance by The Reptile Palace Orchestra. (The only way to get tickets is to email David Boetcher at and attend the rally on the 29th.)

Thursday, November 1

Indiana State University, HMSU 407, 4:00 - 5:30
The Indiana State University Chapter of the AAUP: A video presentation and forum regarding non-tenure track faculty.
Part I: Two short videos by Barbara Wolf on non-tenure track faculty. Part II: Forum. Panelists include: Stephen K. Pontius: Provost. Jerry Cerny: Faculty Senate Chair. Terry O'Connor: Center for Teaching and Learning Director. Susan Hoffman: non-tenure track faculty, English department.

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